When we established the Lewis & Clark Classic Rally we took a fresh look

at the whole subject of collector car events and focused on maximizing the fun factor. 

That included presenting a high-quality, technically accurate road rally

with the option to drive the event as a non-competitive tour.

In turn that led us to structure the event so that you can do it all within a weekend –

Friday evening to Sunday evening – with an option to extend to Monday morning.

Here's an outline of the format of the 2021 Lewis & Clark Classic Rally:

Friday evening, June 25

We'll meet at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo in Wilsonville, Oregon,

for registration, refreshments and snacks, and an impromptu car show

(where your event cars are the attraction).

This meeting kicks off the weekend of camaraderie among classic car enthusiasts,

and it’s also nice to see the fabulous cars offered for sale at the Gran Turismo.

Saturday, June 26

The next morning we'll reconvene at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo for the event start,

beginning a day of TSD road rally or non-competitive tour (you choose)

and end in Lincoln City, Oregon, on the Oregon coast.

The roads in this part of the Pacific Northwest offer just what we look for

in an event such as this, with beautiful scenery, low traffic volume, and the curves and

elevation changes that were just meant for enjoying classic cars.

Somewhere along our route we’ll stop for a delicious catered lunch at a park,

providing another opportunity to enjoy the other people and cars in this special event.

Upon arrival in Lincoln City we'll enjoy an end-of-day party

and wrap up the day with a delicious dinner featuring regional cuisine

at the Inn at Spanish Head and an interesting guest speaker.

Sunday, June 27

This is the second day of the two-day rally or tour – as you like it –

starting from the Inn at Spanish Head and again including

a delicious catered lunch at a park somewhere along our route.

We'll then end the day back at the Inn at Spanish Head with an after-rally party

that blends into a happy hour and the much-anticipated awards banquet,

finishing early enough so that if you want to,

you could drive back to the Portland area that evening.

However, you have the option of staying overnight again in Lincoln City

and enjoying a leisurely trip home on Monday.

So that's our format based on our years of experience:

an event contained completely within a two-day weekend

–  "after work" on Friday to back home Sunday night for work on Monday –

and yet composed of two days of

great cars, great roads, great people and great fun

that this event presentation team is known for.

Registration is $295 per person

and includes everything you need except for your lodging and gas.

The Lewis & Clark Classic Rally is presented by classic car enthusiasts

for classic car enthusiasts and we hope you'll join us for this high-quality,

technically accurate, highly scenic rally or tour

on some of the region’s greatest empty two-lanes.

The Lewis & Clark Classic Rally

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