We invite you to register for the Lewis & Clark Classic Rally as an entrant, a volunteer, or possibly both!

The entry registration fee of $295 per person includes everything – including all meals – except for your lodging and gas.  You may register now to claim a place as high as possible on the registration list, and we will bill you for the registration fee in the spring.  Entries are limited to 60 cars, so we recommend registering without delay to maximize your chances of claiming one of those 60 places.

    Rally or Tour?

The Lewis & Clark Classic Rally includes two driving days (June 26 and 27, 2021), with the option of participating in the classic time-speed-distance rally, or driving the route as a tour. 

If you take the rally option, note that this is a real rally with clipboards and stopwatches and calculations necessary to stay on time and avoid penalties.  Staying on course requires teamwork and good knowledge of the General Instructions (the rally rules) and the ability to apply those rules.  It is a competitive, technical, scored driving event.

However, if you would like to participate without the route-following challenges and the calculations necessary to remain “on course and on time,” we offer the option to participate in the non-competitive tour option.  The tour is conducted in a follow-the-leader format generally following the rally route and sharing the same great roads, great scenery and great food of the competitive rally.  To register for the tour, please check the tour box in the “Rally or Tour?” section of the Registration Form.

    Eligible Cars

A key element of this event is enjoyment of classics cars.  The sights, sounds and smells of classic and vintage vehicles form essential elements of the event.

Therefore, cars participating in the rally must be collector cars manufactured before 1990, and we take a broad view of the definition of "collector" car.  (Exceptions for cars manufactured in 1990 or later may occasionally be made by the organizers, in advance only, for cars that are not substantially different from cars of the same marque and model made before 1990.  If the car you wish to enter requires an exception, contact the organizers by May 31, 2021, for determination of acceptability.)

Any car is eligible to participate in the tour, and we recommend that you drive your favorite car of any vintage in the tour option.


  1. Click on the "Rally/Tour Registration Form" button or the "Volunteer Registration Form" button below and the appropriate online registration form will open.  Complete the form and click the "Submit" button at the end of the form.  You will receive an acknowledgement of your submittal.

  2. Remember, event entrants may perform certain volunteer tasks, so if you'd like to both participate and also be part of the team that presents this special event, please complete both forms.

Rally/Tour Registration Form
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