Like other aspects of the Lewis & Clark Classic Rally, sponsorship is also a little different.

We offer both the usual “sponsorship benefits” as well as some important unique ones.

Like many events, as a sponsor we’re happy to include your promotional items in the

event registration bags, and you’re also welcome to set up a table at event registration and

at the dinners.   This means great opportunities for personal contact with all participants.

However, unlike other events, we offer several unique sponsorship benefits:

Instead of printing your ad in an event program booklet that is barely glanced at and soon

discarded, we place your ad in the event Route Instructions where it will receive far more

close attention from all event participants.

We also name one section of the route after each sponsor.  For example, “Harold’s Auto Service Regularity.”  This puts your name front and center with our participants.

Finally, we offer a very special sponsorship benefit that brings wide exposure to sponsors through the 4,000+ email addresses that receive “REID’S LIST” periodic emails

with news of collector car events in the Pacific Northwest.  This means that instead

of a sponsorship giving you exposure to 100 or 200 event participants, you receive

exposure to thousands of collector car enthusiasts, and several times per year, meaning about 25,000 “impressions” – many, many times more potential customers than

only those at the event itself.

A sponsorship is $500.

Please consider becoming a sponsor of the Lewis & Clark Classic Rally. 

Contact our Sponsorship Coordinator to get started.